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Our Core Benefits

We understand that choosing the right life insurance plan for your family can be a complicated decision. That's why we do the heavy lifting for you. We put you in touch with a broker who will find a plan that puts yours and your family's mind at ease.

Flexible Policies

Life insurance should be tailored to you and your requirements. Simply fill out the form above and we’ll introduce you to an experienced advisor who’ll find the policy that suits your circumstances.

Family Protection

Life Insurance helps protect the futures of your loved ones should anything happen to you or your partner. Our expert partners will help you find the best life insurance package tailored to your family.

Expert Consultation

We’ll have you speaking to an expert in minutes. They will help you understand what can be done for you and your family and will walk you through the entire process, step by step.

Why Trust Us to Help You?

The Flexible Insurance site connects you to experienced, expert consultants for the products you're interested in.

Each partner is a specialist in that market, so they are well equipped to answer all your questions and support any applications you make.

Speaking with an expert often gives you access to a wider range of products and services than you can find by searching yourself, so to get the best deals and explore all options, Clear advice is Key.

We are a brokering service, so do not offer any financial advice, we are just here to connect the dots

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How We Can Help You

Put your family and wellness first

Lump Sum Payment

You can choose up to £1 million worth of cover – and your loved ones will be paid the full amount after a successful claim.

Terminal Illness

Receive your lump sum payment early if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness that meets the providers definition and you’re not expected to live longer than 12 months.

Flexible Length of Cover

Choose the length of coverage that is best suited for you and your family.

A Separation Benefit

If you separate from a parter, some of the providers will split your joint policy into a single policy.

Clear Your Mortgage

Mortgage life insurance is coverage that you can purchase as a mortgage borrower. It’s designed to pay off or pay down the mortgage if you die.

Protection if You Die

Receive a lump sum if you or a joint member passes away during the policy coverage.

How It Works?

We made the process of getting life insurance fast, easy, and affordable.

01Fill in a super simple form

An expert will be in touch with you to discuss your life insurance plans.

02Speak to a very friendly consultant

Any of the partners we introduce you to will be based right here in the UK

03Select a life insurance plan

Choose from a tailored list of life insurance plans built exclusively for your family.